AuthorTopic: Pixel Partners - Best Friends Forever! [Un-Official Activity Idea]  (Read 2575 times)

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And it suddenly came to me...

I'll keep it simple and to the point:


1. Find a Partner
2. One of you will announce that you're Pixel Partners in this thread.
3. Give your partner 3 descriptive words which describe your personality.
4. Give your partner a single piece of pixel art done by you.
5. Use the words your partner gave you combined with the pixel piece they've supplied to you and create a pixel painting for them using the template I've provided.
6. You may modify the frame and matting of the template except for the black lines. You may change the color of the black lines, but not the position.
7. Submit the painting to this thread.

1. Be creative, have fun, don't stress!
2. Everyone is good enough, don't doubt yourself
3. Make friends!


Daisuke Nagano Yokoyama