AuthorTopic: Ambitious first-time game developer in need of sprite artist #581  (Read 703 times)

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geez, i've never really done this before...
hello, actually!
i'm la .alEksolas.
and, uh, i wanna make a game
but i, kinda suck at making sprites and stuff myself
so i kinda need another guy to help me make all the pretty pictures?

i think i'm pretty good at coding already
and coming up with basic ideas of what important pretty things look like
and how those important pretty things be important pretty things at each other to make a story happen
you've, uh... probably heard this story a lot before this, i bet...

i will point out
i already have tried to work with a sprite artist before
so i already kinda know how to work with one?
like, i've learned the hard way that it's a good idea to tell people where the sun is
but he decided to stop working with me after i didn't contact him for a while, due to school stuff
i've also made some attempts to make my own sprites
here's one thing we made together
(i have no idea how to put that gif onto here)

basically i made the two people on that island
one on the left, acrec [AHSH-resh], is the hero
as well as the blue rover guy with the balloon
certar [SHARE-tar]'s the main antagonist
he/it's kinda weird
i also "made" the sky with some kind of gradient tool
but anyway the other spriter guy made the clouds and the island the two people are sitting on
basically all the really pretty bits
so don't look at that if you want to get a feel for how good/shit i am at making pretty pictures
focus on the blue rover dude and tell me if you can tell that it's a rover dude
please, that would help a lot
i also made the code to tell the game to make the clouds be in a perpetual race to the right side of the screen
and also have the humans blink occasionally

uh... what else is there...
oh yeah
i'm not really sure how often i will need to ask you to make stuff
right now, i'm at a bit where i need to make a bunch of stuff for the aesthetics of the first area
i've already made a bunch of code for the overworld
wait, maybe i should tell them what the shape of the game actually is...

basically the overworld's kind of a 2D platformer
but not a very engaging one
its main purpose is to just have a bunch of pretty things in the background to make the player know where they are
and also make them feel slight emotions through what i'm pretty sure is a form of indirect hypnosis
the main challenge for the player is in the form of RPG-ish battles
shaped in a form very similar to that of undertale
(yes, i'm that kind of game developer)

so, yeah
if you leave a comment in this forum thingy to say you want to help me, i most likely won't be in contact with you very frequently
it's likely you'll be pretty free if you decide to help me
though i will point out
if it's not too much to ask
if you do decide to make a sprite for me
i'd very much like it if you could show me how you actually do it
like, give me a few lessons on how to make dirt look like dirt, and make hills look like hills
instead of brown rectangles and rows of green right triangles

so, uh... yeah
that's pretty much it
uh... thank you for your time?
i don't really know what you're supposed to say in the endings of these
please help
- la .alEksolas.