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Looking for Pixel Artist

on: November 20, 2016, 02:24:41 am
For those who are looking for unpaid work, you've come to one desperate person who needs a sprite artist so badly.
My project is a magical girl project for the ds, however, it could be playable on the 3ds and 3dsXL as well. Right now, I am in the planning phase, I have asked countless pixel artists and they all declined to help me so I haven't yet gotten anything concrete to show, but, the game will be based on Aqours from Love Live, it will be a fangame, though. It will be a fun and enjoyable game and I already have a discord server with a bunch of people having fun acting like the characters, creating dialogue and such. I promise you will have fun making the sprites as we have lots of ideas towards how we want to proceed in this game! I have been really sad because I was beginning to lose hope in my game because so many, and I mean SO many sprite artists said they would help and they left me alone saying they didn't want to do it. So If you are going to help, please do it all the way through the whole development of the game. I want the sailor moon another story sprites to be used so you can sprite over them to create the sprites (use the sprites like a base). What I mean by sprite over is use the sprite that you already see but add more like sprite boxes and different colors to morph it into the character I need. It's hard to explain but, my friend did a Chika, and I asked him to help make sprites but he refused. But look at this example.
Sailor Mercury sprites:
So I would like for you to sprite over the sailor moon another story sprites to create the characters I need.
For now, I need

Chika Takami (Uniform)
Chika Takami (Casual)
Chika Takami (Mahou)

You Watanabe (Uniform)
You Watanabe (Casual)
You Watanabe (Mahou)

Riko Sakurauchi (Uniform)
Riko Sakurauchi (Casual)
Riko Sakurauchi (Mahou)

Yoshiko Tsushima (Uniform)
Yoshiko Tsushima (Casual)
Yoshiko Tsushima (Mahou)

Dia Kurosawa (Uniform)
Dia Kurosawa (Casual)
Dia Kurosawa (Mahou)

Kanan Matsuura (Uniform)
Kanan Matsuura (Casual)
Kanan Matsurra (Mahou)

Mari Ohara (Uniform)
Mari Ohara (Casual)
Mari Ohara (Mahou)

Hanamaru Kunikida (Uniform)
Hanamaru Kunikida (Casual)
Hanamaru Kunikida (Mahou)

Ruby Kurosawa (Uniform)
Ruby Kurosawa (Casual)
Ruby Kurosawa (Mahou)

Okay, now I know this is a lot but this is only the 9 main characters. This is where all the other artists left me. Please don't decline if anyone decides to help, I really need help with this project! This is the only sprite job I need for now. The movements I need for the sprites are walking in all directions: NOTE: THIS IS ONLY FOR (uniform) and (casual), (mahou) form will also have walking in all directions but they also need to have attacking sprites. For more images and reference, The love live sunshine anime is found on where you can get a better sense of their concept. I will supply you a link of that too, to save you the trouble ^-^! :
They already finished season 1, season 2 will probably come out next year.
Anyway, I thank you guys SO SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME, I have full faith that whoever chooses to help will have fun making this project, I also made a server on discord were we could discuss this if you'd like. Thank you~