AuthorTopic: Artists/animators for p&c adventure - potential pay (see within for details)  (Read 603 times)

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Hi everyone. My name is Lewis and I've been making adventure games on and off for ages. I was the co-creator of Richard & Alice and was involved in Sepulchre / The Charnel House Trilogy.

I'm working on a new project and am looking for an artist/animator (or artists / animators) to get involved.

Now as of today, the idea is to produce and release this game as a non-commercial project - however, depending on how it's shaping up, that decision may change. If it does, you WILL get paid for your work.

The work would involve the creation of:

- Between 10 and 15 backgrounds (2D environment art along the lines of Beneath a Steel Sky)
- 5-6 playable characters with full walk/interact animation cycless (4 directions)
- 3-4 mildly animated NPCs
- Occasional other bits of bespoke art / animation

If you're interested, please drop me an email on with examples of relevant work and a note on what you feel you can contribute to the above, and we'll have a chat. Thanks!