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Re: [C+C] Trying to improve!

Reply #10 on: November 29, 2016, 07:53:09 pm
You could take advice from someone who rides the same boat, I used to fail projects monthly. Luckly, its usally with friends so we kinda just let eachother down and move on but....

Im currently working on a solution. The solution is... STRUCTURE> dun dun dun. Also time, I considered that I may have spent to much time on a project and the team was to small. Unless the project is my life legacy I dont want to spend to much time (years) with it. I think as long as the concept gets through and the designs are understood I dont need to make the fancy pro lvl sprites.

Anyway. Concept, Structure, and other basic crap should work fine... probably.

Your on your own huh? Thats going to be dificult, Its dificult for me anyway. Because what usally kept me goining was the team. So Ive been using this site as a replacement. The price I pay though is that EVERA ONE here knows what Im making. So I guess the game isnt going to be much of a surprise. OH well, Que sera sera.

Thank you!  I think that for me the one man army works good. Because i can work at my own pace.
Also I think I'm making good progresses. I've also animated my pug. Now i'm trying to make some tiles. Here is a simple mockup i've made....any suggestion on how to put the green light reflection (coming from the eye) on the characters?

Thank you

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