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I need a pixel artist and a animator.

on: November 03, 2016, 01:07:48 am
Hi, my name is Matheus Sampaio and i am in need of a animator, and a pixel artirs for a game that i and my friends are making, if any one able to do the job wants to join, plz send me a mensage or contact me at my E-mail we will discuss the share of the profit, if in the end we have any.

I am making a game about a boy who finds a magic lamp, and a genie who gives him 3 wishes.

i am noob in pexel art. And to make a really good game i need a pixel artist to the cenario and the characters, and a animetor to make everyting comes alive.

i already have a musician to the sounds and the music, a guy for the engine, and i myself to the plot, level desing, game desing and character desing.
so any one who wants to take apart of this project, plz replay, i really need help in this one.

love you guys.
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