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Robotic Hula Dancer

on: October 17, 2016, 12:22:44 am

I've had the same avatar for years. The anti-aliasing on that thought bubble rode out the forum's entire loss and resurgence of theme color.

Anyway, I'm still enamored with the little guy, so I don't want him gone. His little skirt gave me the inspiration to make him dance!

Behold, iteration 1:

Not the prettiest.

Iteration 2:

Beautiful, isn't it? I very quickly remembered how important it was to make a few key frames.

Iteration 3:

The magic of a few good key frames makes all the difference. A nicer looking orange also helped. Progress, right?

Iteration 4:

Oops! I wanted to get fancy without putting in the extra work. Didn't work. He's ice skating! At this point, I tried to salvage it with an iteration 5. It only made the animation even worse, I got frustrated and let this piece rest for a few months.

Iteration 7 (the current one): Iteration 6 is too similar to really deserve a mention

What I'm currently working on:
  • General cleaning of the frames; trying to make sure things don't shrink or expand too much.
  • Not happy with every frame of his skirt.
  • I'll be messing with his body and head color some more.
  • I want his plume to be stiffer than his skirt.
Overall I'm pretty happy with it so far, but I want a second opinion before I start refining in earnest.