AuthorTopic: Sprite work for OpenXcom mod  (Read 1354 times)

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Sprite work for OpenXcom mod

on: October 09, 2016, 01:53:57 am

Came across this site while looking for spriting resources as I'm rubbish at drawing them myself.

I've recently become addicted to OpenXcom and want to make my own mod by changing the sprite of the Sectopod (see attached) to that ED-209 from the film robocop.

As you can see OpenXcom is an isometric game (for those who haven't played it).

The sprite sheet needs to stay in the guidelines of the attached file as it needs to be processed through a modding tool to be imported into the game.  As you can see multiple angles have been drawn of the walking animation.  There is also a specific tactical color palette that needs to be used due to the games (very old) engine limitations.

Look forward to hearing anyone interested with quotes, I may have plenty more to come after this as have a lot of ideas that I will potentially need help with (Predator, Aliens, Terminator, Dr Who, etc).