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[RevShare] Metalsquad needs YOU!

on: September 01, 2016, 02:03:57 pm

Hi there, respectful audience

Not so long ago we’ve figured out that somebody out there may want a game about the simple life pleasures of a metal band members transferred to the alternative reality where music is the ultimate power. A game about regular musicians’ activities like slaying princesses, rescuing dragons, having a couple of brewskies with mechanical gargoyle and so on. So we’ve started working on Metalsquad – a story driven isometric steam/dieselpunk pixel art styled action RPG with heavy metal, heavy sarcasm and 4 player co-op

And now we need YOU to join our team of creative dudes and dudesses to deliver Metalsquad to the audience craving for it (but first gather some funding on Kickstarter in order to being able to buy some luxurious goods for the team.. like food). The highest priorities now are character and environment pixel artist and animator positions (though a skillful Unity programmer is needed too)

-   sufficient hard skills (performing small test is a must)
-   familiar with isometric style
-   able to work on the predefined art style
-   have normal reaction to constructive critics
-   able to dedicate at least 15 hrs/week to the project
-   being a cool person with developed musical taste is greatly appreciated

When applying please mind the following:
-   core team consists of experienced guys that are heavily allergic to slackers
-   we’re currently unfunded so we’re not hiring $/hrs freelancers now and looking for extending a core team instead. Payment will be discussed with each candidate individually

Here are some of the environment examples to get you a glimpse of what you'll be dealing with:

If you have any additional questions or you want to apply please use mail ONLY, unfortunately we don’t have time to check PM boxes