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Unreal engine game developer need

on: August 30, 2016, 12:34:55 pm
hello, developers I am from India. I am CEO of White Cockroach studio,an indie game developer studio .so I need you as a partner
 we need a hobbyist unreal engine game developer mind it,we don't need professional .
That means you have to work with us as a team member and partner.we will not pay you until the game is published. If the game hit the success you will get your desired salary or you can choose also a revenue share policy and you can stick with us because we have a bunch of projects.

an overall sketch of our revenue shares policy-

1/ direct 5% share of income from the game. no hidden policy. we will use a fair revenue share platform.

2/ if you represent any company then we will allow you to paste a 10 sec. advertise your company in our game at FREE of cost.

3/ no need to say you will work with us as a team you will be credited with honor by a title credit?.

this is a basic policy it may vary depends on time and action.
If you are interested then inbox me or inbox in the game page G-equality.
come see the possibility work with us be the famous.

contact us at-


our project is in pre-production level come look at the video for project details--