AuthorTopic: Indy Video Game Dev seeks Pixel Artist  (Read 529 times)

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Indy Video Game Dev seeks Pixel Artist

on: August 15, 2016, 06:38:26 pm
Hello everybody !

I am a French indy video game developer now living in New York and I have submitted two games available on the Google Play, App Store and Amazon Marketplace.

Villain Town :
Bye Bye Miami :

These two games have their own little success.

Bye Bye Miami is the one I would like to give a little bit more attention. Indeed, in less than 2 months, there were more than 900 downloads on the App Store only !

I love the game I made and many other players do too. Now I would like to push it a little bit further but I am running out of power for the backgrounds, monsters, characters etc...

That is why I am looking to collab with a pixel artist that would like to join me on this well started adventure ! (And who knows ? On the next games too!)

I am willing to share all incomes of this game of course ! That's a collab adventure so it should be in both ways !

If you think that you would like to allocate some time to that game, please contact me via this forum or directly in the post, I would really appreciate it !

Have a wonderful day !