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material shading

on: August 11, 2016, 12:42:12 am
Before i move on to any other projects. I want to master shading materials in realistic manners, or at least get decent at it but i do not fully understand the fundamentals. while lurking i found this thread:
I am curious as to how they shaded the metal in such a realistic way, i see that they use some dithering but in other spots there the edges of certain colors are placed in a spiky pattern such as the knees and the colors they use go togther nicely and i want to know what the reasoning behind those choice are and why they were used so i can understand how to shade metal and other materials correctly and not just place random pixels and hope for the best like i have been.

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Re: material shading

Reply #1 on: August 11, 2016, 01:38:45 am

This topic is me asking the same question, ie how to shade copper in this case.  The people that helped me out gave a couple of answers to why stuff was shaded as it was, and provided a few material references.

The follow up post here was on gold, which had a bit of different stuff going into as it is shaded a bit differently.

They're a bit smaller scale than above, but still have a lot of useful info.