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[C+C] Amusement park mockup

on: July 25, 2016, 06:40:32 pm
Hi all!
I started an amusement park game a couple of years ago and did a bunch of graphics for it, I'm now thinking about getting back on the project and try and get it to a playable state.
I've been looking over the stuff I made and I'm still pretty happy with it overall, just wanted to get some feedback if there's anything I can improve.

I've been playing about with the shadows, originally I just had them on the trees, but I've added some to the people too, but I'm kinda thinking it should be everything has shadows or nothing does, but when I add it to some of the bigger objects it feels a bit overpowering, so not sure what to do there.  Thanks for looking!

Edit: ugh I think imgur compressed my image, will fix tomorrow! Edit 2: hmm maybe it's just on mobile, let me know if I need to upload somewhere else!
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