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Hi, my name is Tom from Valorware LTD (fully UK registered). First off I want to make it clear I intend to pay for your time, however I would prefer the brunt of this to be profit-share basis, although I am able to pay partial amounts for time spent until that time. I have existing published games on iOS, android, Steam and soon xboxone (contracts all signed) which should give you security knowing that the projects will end up being released and not vaporware. I did not post this in the [paid] section as pay is not finalised and is to be discussed with the successful applicant, and profit-share is preferable for this job.

More screenshots:

The game series is called "9th Dawn", with our most recent game 9th Dawn II being released on iOS/android/Steam. The game relies  heavily on pixel art. I have done all of the pixel art myself, aswell as programming the engine from scratch. Understandably, I would like to outsource the pixel artwork for the next projects as I struggle for time.

I am ideally looking for a TEAMMATE rather than a one-off freelancer. Someone I can rely on for many future projects and who will see any current project through to the end. I absolutely cannot have partial graphical assets for a game by one person that remain unfinished and then taken on by someone else, as I view consistency as a very important key factor to the games overall graphical appeal. Please do not apply if you are not able to commit to the project(s) you are involved with.

Game links:
9th Dawn 2 trailer:
9th Dawn 2 Steam:
9th Dawn 2 Android:
9th Dawn 2 iOS:

9th Dawn 1 tailer:
9th Dawn 1 Android:
9th Dawn 1 iOS: {removed due to new iOS incompatibility, remake in progress)

The games feature a large amount of items and monsters across huge maps. There are around 180 uniquely drawn monsters for 9th Dawn 2 with 5 frames each (4 walking, 1 attacking) and a few hundred unique items. Here are some tilesets for the game, skewed/blurred/watermarked:

Please note the tilesets are organised by TexturePacker for the most efficient use of texture space. They appear unorganised but the folder they are compiled from is organised in sequence- it's not all just a random mess!

The next projects I need help with are:
9th Dawn Remake - (few graphics needed as I'm using most from the old game)
9th Dawn 3 - LOTS of new graphics needed
Post-apocalyptic spinoff series - 9th Dawn with guns set in modern times (think fallout vs elderscrolls) - complete graphics needed

I have many other projects in mind but these are 3 titles I want to concentrate on and confident will get released. Pay is negotiable based on experience and commitment, although final profit-share available is between 5-15% profit (again negotiable on experience/commitment, open to further negotiation), plus part pay-for-time available.

I am based in the UK and I would love to work with someone from the UK as I would like to grow as a team possibly developing into a locally based company further down the line. However, this is not necessary~ I am happy to work with people from any country.

Please send any questions and portfolios to, small portfolios will not be considered unfortunately and I may require references if work/commitment is not proved (I've been scammed before by the infamous Joshua Astorian, but thats another story ;) )

Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.
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