AuthorTopic: Introducing Born of Dreams An Adventure RPG inspired by Mana Evermore Series  (Read 2750 times)

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Hello Everyone!

The Project 

We are developing is a combination of Adventure style game play featuring a top down view combined with elements of RPG styled combat mechanics such as spells, leveling and damage system. The project is roughly 9 months into development and is progressing nicely. We don't have a video of the demo yet since we are trying to put together proper trailer.

We are currently using the working title "Born of Dreams". The game is a spiritual sequel to a title originally released on the SNES titled "Secret of Evermore". The art style and mechanics of the game will be represent the original game but will be vastly different by the point of completion. If you wish to see examples our current project I can provide them.

The Team

We are very serious about this project and our team is committed and passionate about what we are creating. The game will be huge and with that comes a lot of hard work. The overall concept is to create loose sequel that will take a step back into the world seen previously but it will be entirely fresh and different.

Essentially we creating an entirely original take on where the story could have continued but with brand new scenarios and characters.

The Design & Gameplay

The game is a completely new approach by combining an adventure type controls with rpg type damage system. Everything will be real time and require the player to react and plan his attacks with timing and aim. This style of game play which is similar too old school Zelda combat but with a really interactive environment along with magic "Alchemy" and a leveling system, advanced combat. The game will be full of challenges and puzzles with dynamic game play not seen in the first game at all.

We are looking to combine a retro feel of the original game with an update too the graphics, it will be completely in 2-D with certain elements of animation done with 2.5-D effects. This will result in a really vibrant game with a deeper atmosphere which was so important to the original game. A theme of darkness and ambiance will be the foundation of the design of this game, maps will be deeply details and filled with enemies that make the environment come to life.

For more info on the project such as story and art style please contact me and I can provide detailed information. The art style is very important so we will take careful consideration for bringing in artists, passion and dedication to this genre is a must.

If anyone is interested we are actually looking for 2D artists right now since all other positions are filled on the team as of now. A lot of progress has been made and we are trying to push forward but there is a lot of pixel work that needs to be done.  What are really hurting for is a skilled Tile Artists but is there is more work to be done, in order of importance this what we are lacking help with if anyone is interested.

- Tile Set Design
- NPC Characters
- Monster / Enemy

- Spell Animations
- Various In-Game Icons

If you're interested, please feel free to contact me with any questions about the project, thanks! Skype or Email are the best methods on contacting me.

Skype User Name: UtopiaXD -- If you add me please include this listing/position/date as a reference. Sometimes many requests come in and I cannot sort through them all, thank you.

Contact me at my personal email ~