AuthorTopic: [C+C] Graphics for RPG db32 pal  (Read 882 times)

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[C+C] Graphics for RPG db32 pal

on: July 05, 2016, 11:34:41 am
hello everyone. I am working on a 2d RPG game which is inspired by games such as the Witcher The Wild Hunt and Dark Souls. I have put programming down for a while to hone my art skills. I find myself in need of some input. I am trying to keep the colors restricted to db32 palette however if you think this would look better with some other palette please let me know =).

In the image is ALL of the work I have so far on this project. Its not much but its a start. I am not an artist by any means.

ps. I find the tree to look a bit awkward. Something about the colors used on the leaves seeing as the grass and the green of the tree are too close. no idea where to take it

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Re: [C+C] Graphics for RPG db32 pal

Reply #1 on: July 05, 2016, 05:29:36 pm
activating critbarf+ (evacuate all chomen and wildren)
perspective is top-down;bird's eye for ground but strict profile for tree and this robs us of potential depth <+> change everything to 3/4 view
overall green color is like algae or lumpy pea soup, i believe it's unsavoury for the intended effect <+> lighten, add blue
ground fill tiles could benefit from some texture <+> imbue with sacred low-contrast grass clusters, sparingly
tree canopy has basic volumeless emboss shading <+> shade canopy as if primitive shapes melted together and covered in leaves
tree trunk/boughs are flat with no light directional shading <+> stop drop and roll
tree trunk/boughs' color seem to match dirt exactly <+> make not match
flowers and grass cast hard shadows but the much larger tree virtually doesn't is this the twighlight zone <+> ditch the flower shads, enhance tree's shad to be elliptical underneath it
grass edge tiles cause a perfect pattern, as if invoking an abstracty Zelda:LTTP style <+> if this is your direction, enforce it in other places, otherwise break that pattern up
tile grid is easily detectable <+> unless the player being able to very accurately discern the world grid is important: obfuscate the grid with irregular shapes in all edge tiles for more naturalnicity
light direction indication on character is opposite what the shadows all indicate <+> keep all light direction indication consistent, try putting all shadow effects directly under objects instead
terrain decoration too repetitive/dense <+> create variations for deco tiles, randomly use with grand wisdom
character blends in too much <+> choose a means of increasing the player's contrast with the environment - there are many ways to do this
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