AuthorTopic: [Rev-Share] Pixel Artists needed for 2D RPG (Alpha ready)  (Read 622 times)

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The Project
Voxel Generation is a 2D sci-fantasy action RPG, currently in alpha.
Most of the engine has been already completed, and the game has a customized editor. It consists of a real-time grid-based battle system, linear story progression and open-world exploration! You embark on an epic adventure spanning three acts, collecting a variety of weapons, items and customizable assets along the way to personalize your playstyle and experience!

The demo can be downloaded here!

We need your help to bring the project to life!
This is a revenue share project, and we know that we are basically asking you to work for free until the game generates money. If you invest your time into the project, we will try our best to make sure you are accommodated for your investment into it. As it is an RPG, it will take some time before being finished. We plan to have Act 1 done by December, the time can still fluctuate depending on the time it takes to finish all assets.

The Team
We are currently a team of five, creative and passionate individuals who want to see this project through to its completion.
Production is underway and well documented, with an organized and extensive GDD and consistently updated demos for the entirety of the team to test their various assets.
  • Gal Peric: Programmer and the current pixel artist with 5 years of coding experience. (Previous works include Galactic End and Galactic End: Voyage)
  • Harrison Miles Hudson: Music composer and sound designer, with 4.5 years of experience.
  • Daniel Dorner: Writer with 2.5 years of experience.
  • Fergus William Russel: Concept artist with 2.5 years of experience.
  • Felix Riano Sanchez: Concept artist with 2 years of experience.
This is team Voxel Generation!

The Position
We are currently looking to hire a pixel artist! The game runs on a resolution of 320x240 and on 60FPS. We are looking for someone to create the following art:
  • Overworld: tilesets, sprites and character animations
    • ~19 Tilesets (16x16 sized tiles)
    • ~4 Templates for overworld characters / sprites from which generic npcs can be created (~16x32 sized, can also be 16x16)
    • Templates include: 4-directional sprites (8, if possible) for idle + walking (some include extra animations e.g. the main chars)
    • ~8 Effects (explosions, particles, etc.)
  • Battle: Backgrounds, sprites and character animations
    • 80+ Battle sprites (varied sizes, most of them only need 4 animations max and can be kept simple, some are more vital so they may require up to 8 animations), due to the vast amount of work on this area, it may be shortened down to only 40+ Sprites
    • ~8 Backgrounds (Scrolling simple bg animations)
    • ~4 Hit effects (normal hit, super effective, not effective, blocked)
    • ~8 Effects (explosions, particles, etc.)

Release and Compensation
We intend to generate funding via Kickstarter. The Kickstarter should go live in August. Our current goal is to have the first act of the game completed to support this campaign, in order to fund production for the second and third acts. Release platforms include Itch.IO and Steam Greenlight. To keep players interested we also plan on continuing ongoing updates post-release.
We use a point-based system, whereas you are guaranteed a percentage of sales profit for every work done on the game. All transactions will be handled via PayPal.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!
You can contact us at:
We hope to hear from you! :D

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Re: [Rev-Share] Pixel Artists needed for 2D RPG (Alpha ready)

Reply #1 on: June 29, 2016, 05:32:22 pm
Heya, the name's Parker and i'd be willing to help here is my protfolio
Also i'd recomened finding more than just one artist as the project size, that im gathering from what you said, may need about 2-3 artists.
Anyway if im not who your looking for no problem just let me know.

Have a great day.