AuthorTopic: Almost done platformer/rage game  (Read 2018 times)

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Almost done platformer/rage game

on: June 10, 2016, 08:35:41 pm
Hello! My name is Carlos Pedroso and I have an almost finished game, it only needs art, sound and music.

I was developing this game for school and left it pretty much done, but I felt that the game was too hard so I started to work on something more casual for school. I'm now working on an android game.

I felt that having this game laying around not published was stupid so now I want someone to help me finish it.
The game is going to be free!

Almost every sprite is 32x32, only 1 sprite is bigger, being 500x500.
The great thing is that I will give a lot of creative freedom and I hope you will have any design choice and/or suggestion.
Everything is going to be redesigned, I am thinking of a cute/gore theme, but I want to hear your idea
We will basically be a team!

Here's the preview of the game:
In the end you can see a player concept for a cute/gore theme.
If you want to try the game tell me and I'll send you!

Other games
I don't have much released, I participated in the compo of the last Ludum Dare
Got a lot of great feedback and rating:
#195 Overall of 955
#44   Fun  of 933
Not too bad for my first released game!
Apart from that I'm working on a casual android game.

Hope to work with you!

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Re: Almost done platformer/rage game

Reply #1 on: June 11, 2016, 06:10:51 pm
Hi, I think I may be able to do this. An 8-bit style may suit this kind of game well, in my opinion. If I could play the game before, that would be great. Another way of contact may be necessary, like email or Skype.