AuthorTopic: [Profitshare] Quick jop for a sprite artist  (Read 1071 times)

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[Profitshare] Quick jop for a sprite artist

on: June 02, 2016, 06:17:21 pm

My name is Jonas Mumm, and I'm currently working on Pocket Genoratory, a puzzle game for smartphones.

The development of Pocket Genoratory is at a good stage right now, but I'm still missing a sprite artist to create assets for the game. The main aspect of Pocket Genoratory to breeding of animals: At the beginning of each level, you are given a set of animals, and it's your task to combine them in a way that the final animal resembles the levels "target animal".

For the purpose of breeding, the animals consist of multiple traits, that all come into play when breeding with other animals. Traits are for example the shape of the torso, the limps or the skin. There are seven traits in total, each with 3 variations, resulting in 2187 animals in total who are made of 21 base sprites.

I need a sprite artist to create those 21 Assets (bodyparts) for the game (if you're eager on extending your engagement, you are obviously welcome to tackle even more tasks).

When it comes to art style, it's all up to you to decide, as long as it blends in well at a high resolution (pixelart is not an option here).

Payment + Requirements:

I'm not necessarily looking for an experienced sprite artist. It's perfectly fine if you just have a few finished sprites/graphics you can show me.

The payment will be based on profitshare.

I can see that profitshare's aren't normally very favorable for artists, but Pocket Genoratory is still rather a humble, short-term casual project than a primarily commercial-focused one, and to (hopefully) make up for that, I uploaded a preview build for Windows and Android, to give you an impression of how the game shaped up so far before committing.

Pocket Genoratory is scheduled to be release-ready in early July!

If you see potential in the game and are eager on helping me out on this job, hit me up at:


For more info see:
Collection of Games I worked on in the past:
Twitter: @JonasMumm