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Hi, we are looking for someone who knows how to copy/paste or emulate text graphics for us.
We have the text ready (in different languages) in a word document and need them individually converted to .PNG files.

Basically, we want to localize our game to support other languages.
We have 11 different sets of languages that require text graphics.
Each set requires 40 small yet detailed text graphics (~approx. 100x20 resolutions)

To give you a better idea, here are some of the simple graphics required:

And this is pretty much what we need done:

The text has already been translated.
Your job is to find a way to copy or emulate the text to a graphics file for us.
We will provide you with a resolutions guide for each graphics.

The text graphics we required is small and simple but has to be clear enough to read.
It should also be transparent so we could easily layer the text on top of our own backgrounds.
Arabic should be the hardest set, followed by Chinese and Korean. The rest should be super easy as they use common alphabet letters.

Contact: Kevin Nguyen
Company: IRONFIST Studios

Job Deadline: 31st May 2016
Job Payment: $500 USD (Paid through PayPal)
•   We will pay a little extra on top to cover the PayPal fees.
•   $40 USD will be released after each set is completed (11 in total), followed by the remaining $60 at the end.

To demonstrate that you’re capable and right for this job, you MUST complete the Arabic text example and email (not PM) that to me.
The graphics must match the text below – just like in the example but cleaner & clearer.   

Text: فرقع الفاكهة
Remember to follow the guidelines (Colour, Resolution and File type).

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Thanks for all the kind responses guys, we have managed to find someone  :)