AuthorTopic: [Invitation] Matching game devs with pixel artists via Skype group chat  (Read 1595 times)

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I wanted to make a brief announcement about something that can potentially help game developers and artists.

This link will open our cloud-hosted gamedev Skype group chat:

Traditionally there have been really good pixel artist, and good programmers. Magical things could happen when the two meet.

A game developer's hang out has been started about 3 months ago, and we have 110 members and growing every week.

Mostly it is indies, game programmers and artists.

When game developers with diverse skill sets meet, programmers and pixel artists join, we might have some matching teams for exciting projects.

I've been active on Pixelation in the long past, and when some of the artists posted their work in our group, I think of the talented pixel artists and animators on this forum when I see game programmers try tinkering with art on their own.