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Pixel artist needed for voxel game [Paid]

on: April 27, 2016, 07:06:37 pm
Hello, my name is Robert and I'm an independent game developer. I've used pixelation a few times in the past to look for talent, and I've always been extremely pleased with the results, so here I am again.

I'm looking for a pixel artist to collaborate with to create the artwork for a new project, possibly an add-on or successor to my most successful game, 'Timber and Stone'. At any rate, the game will be a 3rd person action rpg, and the gameplay will primarily be based around dungeon crawling and resource collecting, with a huge emphasis on the player constructing their own kingdom. Another huge feature I plan to include is allowing creators to 'DM' their own dungeons, and share those quests with the community. Those player made dungeons and premade story-based dungeons will be created using tiles and prefabs very similar to how tabletop roleplayers create terrain for their dungeon crawling. Here's a good example of that:  I have a huge passion in making games that give players the opportunity to create.

So I'm in need of an artist capable of designing those prefabricated tiles, in addition to character, item, and enemy designs, all in 3d pixels (or voxels). I think it's very important to note that I don't need someone already experienced with voxel work. I've previously worked with pixel artists who were new to voxels, and the results were always amazing. I strongly believe that having a pre-established talent with pixel art is what makes great voxel art.

If you're at all interested in working on this new project, please don't hesitate to send me an email at: Robert (at) timberandstonegame (dot) com. Be sure to include your availability, portfolio, and hourly rate. From there we can move forward with talking more about what I'm looking for, and I can help get you started with voxel art software.

Edit: Occurs to me that I should provide some examples of what I'm looking for:
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