AuthorTopic: [Rev-Share] Searching for pixel artist for short game  (Read 924 times)

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 Hello, I'm looking for a pixel artist/animator to help me create the assets for a game I'm working on. I can pay you 27% of all profits once the game is available on Steam because I'm well aware this is one of the most tedious parts of making a game like this. It's going to play like a turn based RPG in the overworld, but once combat begins, play like an action RPG (Secret of Mana, Castle Crashers, etc.) The game also only consists of a short intro, four worlds, one shorter final section, and should sell somewhere between $5 and $7 when it's released.
 I was hoping it could work out with me sending you concept art, you converting it into pixel art, and me putting it into the game via GameMaker. I'm not even slightly on a strict schedule with an early estimated release in mid 2017, so you could pace yourself however you want really. So email me if you're interested, would be if I changed some stuff around, or have any questions at all. I hope you consider this, have a nice day.
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Re: [Rev-Share] Searching for pixel artist for short game

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Will move back to paid section if you meant to include rates. Otherwise this belongs in unpaid.