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Re: HUD Design

Reply #10 on: April 03, 2016, 12:46:10 am

Here's an edit I made trying to reduce banding around the clock.  I AA'd to black, assuming it would be on a dark background like in your example.  I simplified the ornament on the end, because it seems like it got corrupted somehow since your earlier post, and I thought it looked noisy, but YMMV.

The only way I could think of to make this look better on a bright background was to add a black outline.

Thanks for the edit, trough! I really like the splitting area between the two bars, and the black depleted area. It maintains a nice readability while giving them the curve I was originally going for. I like the bottom edit, with the black outline, as well. It'll make it stand out a bit more during my outside game scenes. The hour hand on the clock is a bit thin, but I otherwise agree with the edits you made there, as well. These will make excellent improvements. :D

You were definitely right about the ornament being corrupted from my first post. I didn't even notice it. Thanks for pointing it out! It must've been from some pixels being shifted to the right on it.