AuthorTopic: [WIP] Really new, need serious advice with background/perception?  (Read 1618 times)

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Hey! So for those who can't quite get what's going on on the picture, there's basically a building (garden) on a giant pillar, next to an elevated railroad, as well as a path from the bottom.

You'll notice the lack of perspective and ground detail, it's really hard to find any reference for this kind of angle, so help would be greatly appreciated!

Also please don't be to harsh, I've really just started, I'm aware of the multiple flaws/


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Just make the path wider as it comes towards the camera. That should do it. Look up a tutorial on one point perspective it will show you where the guidelines are, just keep roughly to them (the path can still be organically shaped).

In terms of colour, it's nice, but you need to tweak the contrast mainly so we can actually see the subject matter - the fact you had to describe everything kind of shows this up. Try just boosting the brightness of the whole image, as well as the contrast slightly. Should get you a long way.

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The color choices and blocking methods remind me vaguely of how homestuck does a lot of it's backgrounds. Not a bad thing, those are easily one of the high points of the art in that comic.
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