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Re: Sprites and more! by znkart! <-

Reply #10 on: February 25, 2016, 08:41:02 pm
Dudes, be nicer. I mean it makes sense to remind people about the zoom feature and to post at 1x but if you're looking for critique and you get "EWWW UPSCALE" that's like. come on.

also if it's 2x and 4x just scale it to 50% or 25% and make an edit and junk! it's ezpz.

that said, these images are upscaled to irregular percentages and it's not easy to edit!

Pixelation's main mode of conveying criticism has always been just drawing on top of each other's art (edits) and so posting at original size in gif or png (or bmp if you're brave) is Best Practice! (don't save in jpg, it does weird compression artefact stuff to pixel art!!)

Without editability, here's some critique! ... Lots of colors going on, lots of noise. everything looks a bit sandy in a way!

esp. with the potions and whatnot I feel like it'd make sense to try and make the liquid look clear rather than adding noisy texture to it.

Speaking of that, I think your "health" text looks clean and nice. the spacing between L and T looks weird, but it has the cleanness i'm speaking of and really nice style.

For the dinner piece, there's no need to have so much pixel noise in the tablecloth. I suggest trying to just work with big clean color shapes instead of scattering single pixels everywhere.

You're quite good at pixel stuff! Hang around here and maybe try a bigger character next time and I'm sure you'll get really good! You've got lots of stuff to learn about saturation, value and contrast and if you just hang around I'm sure you'll soak up loads. Good luck!
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