AuthorTopic: [PORTFOLIO] Pixel art, logos and digital art!♥  (Read 2121 times)

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[PORTFOLIO] Pixel art, logos and digital art!♥

on: February 21, 2016, 01:33:39 pm
Hello fellow friends of pixelart!

I'd like to show some of my work! You can always message me if you have a job, either paid or unpaid, and i'll try my best! :-)
And also sorry for my bad english, i'm german :D

I started Pixelart long ago, but due to i got a new PC i lost nearly all of my works :/ but i recently got photoshop and so i'm back in the game!
i havent got many examples but i hope these 2 will give you a taste of my style:

These are just 2 small examples. I do work with or without outlines and i'd also do bigger things.

Here is an example for the logos i do with photoshop:
This one is for a small company which makes wooden jewelry which is really cool!

and this one is my own logo:

Not pixelated but could also be useful for your company!

And here is an example about the digital art i do:

So if you have any wishes for an job let me know it!

Thank you, znkart!

also check out my instagram for traditional art and Photography/Photomanipulation: