AuthorTopic: Deku Blaster - Snes style action platformer  (Read 2150 times)

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Deku Blaster - Snes style action platformer

on: February 17, 2016, 02:06:30 am
 Deku Blaster is a snes style action platformer that I have been working on for a few months now, still early in development so not much to show yet. Its a mix between Cave story and megaman X.
I plan to start a kickstarter in august.
Cave Story, (of cource) MegamanX, Kirby, Viewtiful Joe and street fighter.

Gameplay and Pics
The levels will work like the oldschool megaman games which means you can choose what boss to fight. For every boss you defeat you will recieve a new hat and a new weapon. Each level will have at least two hiden weapons however you will need a specific hat (ability) in order to get to them.

Each hat in the game will give you a unique ability for example....

The green cap allows you to stop time.

All future updates will be posted a few days earlier on my twitter so if you want the latest updates as soon as possible follow me on twitter.

I will be posting some gifs and more screenshots soon watch out for more updates.

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