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EDIT: An artist has been chosen. Will update if anything changes.

Looking for a pixel artist that is able to produce graphics resembling a 2D Platform Horror game to be published on Steam. PLEASE read below before contacting.


Game style: 2D, platform/sidescroller
Setting: In an abandoned town
Must know how to do animations, characters, environments, possible UI but UI is not necessary.

Quality that we're looking for:

Credit: Lone Survivor

Credit: Uncanny Valley

And please let me mention that if your art style or quality does NOT fit at all with the above images, please do NOT email us. You will not be responded to.

I know that is harsh to hear but it is a bit frustrating to filter out artists who's styles are no-where near what we are looking for as described in this topic.

Uncanny Valley is definitely a very close to the kind of style we're looking for. We are not at all looking to copy this games style, merely looking for someone that can produce a style with a similar level of quality to produce a horror-themed mood to this game.

PLEASE do not contact us if your style or quality does not fit with any of the above images.

The game will be online and will feature a single player mode. If you can produce the work at a fairly small resolution to be upscaled, that would be good. However if you can do higher resolution art, that would be better.

The game takes place in an abandoned town at and will feature buildings that players can go into and out. This means the artist will need to draw both the outside of some buildings and the inside. Other buildings will just be boarded up and wont be able to enter.

Players will be able to wield guns and shoot at appropriate angles, so arms will need to be able to rotate and adjust to the appropriate gun. Players can also slightly jump, duck, go up ladders, wield melee weapons, punch, etc. To make life easier for the artist there will be just one player outfit/costume.

It will also feature things like zombies, jump-scares, blood-splatter effects, ability to turn off/on lights in rooms, etc.

The map designs/sketches will be given to you. Most of the map (the town) will be drawn onto a background image.
Things such as objects will be separate. More would be discussed through skype/email.

Payment will be done through e-transfer (electronic transfer). Payment will be in CAD (canadian dollars).
Payment will be sent throughout the artists progress, in quarters. We've had problems in the past where artists have abandoned projects.

For example if you offered $100, we would pay $25 each quarter as you make progress on the game. This is just an example.

Payment will not be done by the hour. As a good amount of progress is made, that would be considered a quarter.

Please be aware of this payment system before you contact us. We can answer any questions you have about it.

How long depends on how long you can take to do the art. To be honest, the game is all concentrated in one room/map. The town the game is set in is not very large. One building would most likely have more than 3 floors, others would have 2, and some will just have one floor. 10 buildings max around there. You are more than allowed to use repeated artwork (for example we wont ask you to design different types of fridges or doors).

Contact us at
We are legitimate, we do not run away with your artwork without payment.
We can provide references if needed.

We ask that you provide a portfolio of your work or at least a few select images showing that you can create the kind of quality we're looking for (look above).
And also, tell us a flat total fee you think would be acceptable for the work. We can provide more information before you give us this though, just ask.

If I don't respond, do not take it personally, your style most likely just did not fit.

Skype is the preferred talking tool, but if absolutely necessary we can communicate by email throughout development.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!
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