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Scanning (working title)

on: January 30, 2016, 10:05:41 pm
A friend and I are busy making a small game while I'm on leave. Just for fun and so we can both learn.
I've been focusing on doing the art and he's been handling the programming.

So I'll post the assets I've made. Everything is still in the placeholder stage of course, and I've basically just used Arne's 32 colour palette for everything, because it saves a lot of time not having to create your own palette and I can always change it all later once we've decided on more things.

The progression of the base

I started out designing what I thought a small hold would look like given today's technology on a foreign planet.

Soon after the initial art was put in I quickly realised 32x32 tiles just wouldn't look good, so we increased it to 48x48.
At the same time we decided on some of the driving force behind the mechanics. We went with stranded on a planet, so we'd start off with your spaceship that crashed and you're trying to get home.

Later realised we needed a place to spawn our drones and maintain them, so a depot was in order. Figured I'd flesh the base out to 4 tiles and have a progression be shown through the development of this base. The idea being eventually your have a small holding; a nice, fancy depot and a fully built rocket to take you home.

The slaves

Kept the drones at 32x32 themselves, but they sit on 48x48 tiles. Just to give them a sense of scale compared to the base and such.
More complicated drones will get bigger later, which is another reason I wanted to increase the size in the first place.

The game itself

So the details of the game are as yet undecided, but the gist of it is that you're stranded and you need some kind of resource and all you have are some small robots to scout the area and collect things for you, but you don't just get vision around your drones - they cannot be communicated with while they're not at base plugged into your laptops as it were.
The rest is us just trying to figure out how to keep this mechanic while making the game feel good, and honestly right now it feels pretty good, but there are plenty of other issues.

Anyways I'll keep you guys up to date, but do give suggestions if you have any.
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