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2D Fighting Game Spriter

on: January 26, 2016, 01:59:37 am
Hello, I am looking for an unpaid spriter that can make sprites for fighting game characters.

I want the characters to have them look like a Marvel VS Capcom character, most specifically 2.

I also want their look to also some-what be related to their backstory

I have the characters that i want, and move ideas.

These are some requirements
1. No character can look out of place from the rest
2. They must be how I want them to look, or I won't use it
3. If you send me a sprite and I like it, I want to be able to give credit to you, so email me what you would like to be called by

These are the ideas I have in mind

R.U.M.B.L.E. The Fighting Game


Johnny Sullivan
Type of Fighter - Defensive
Weapon of Choice – Slingshot
Story - Johnny Sullivan, a kid from the streets that is a champion slingshotter. When he heard about a fighting tournament, he decided to join so that he can win the prize money so that he can buy whatever he wants
Moves –
Slingshot – Down, Right, W
Rock Toss – Down, Left, E
Backflip – Left, Down, S
Pick Up Ammo – Right, Down, D
Strategy – The goal with Johnny is to be a defensive machine. Stay away from the enemy. Stay at a distance.

Chell K.
Type of Fighter - Strategist
Weapon of Choice – Pump Shotgun
Story – Chell K., a military soldier chosen by his general to join a fighting tournament to hunt down a rogue agent. If Chell succeeds, he will be allowed to retire in peace.
Moves –
Shotgun – Down, Right, W
Reload – Right, Down, D
Lunging Punch – Down, Left, E
Roll – Left, Down, S
Strategy – Think every thing through, and make sure you know absolutely everything about your character.

Brakris Risthor
Type of Fighter - Offensive
Weapon of Choice – Battle Axe
Story – Born in Greenland, Brakris is a warrior known for being a master at killing beasts. When he heard about the tournament, he wanted to take down everyone so that he could win the prize money.
Moves –
Axe Swing – Down, Right, W
Charge Punch – Down, Left, E
Thrust Kick – Right, Down, S
Uppercut – Left, Down, D
Strategy – Keep dominating your opponent with power shots. End the match quickly. The longer the match goes on, the better a chance your opponents have of winning.

Clark Vinwyn
Type of Fighter - Defensive
Weapon of Choice – Stun Gun
Story – Born in Philadelphia, Clark was memory wiped at the age of 10, with his parents being killed just before. Clark, having no idea of his past, ended up living on the streets until one day, he helped a cop chase down a robber, and he ended up catching him. He decided to train to become a cop. He then heard about the tournament months later. He decided that having a job, as a cop didn’t give him as much money as he would have hoped. He decided to go try to win the prize money.
Moves –
Stun Gun – Down, Right, W
Recharge – Down, Left, E
Sharp Knee – Right, Down, S
Backflip – Left, Down, D
Strategy – Stay at a distance. If anyone gets close, hit them with your Sharp Knee to back them away, or use a backflip.

Eddie Bush
Type of Fighter - Spam
Weapons of Choice – Sub-Machine Gun and Scattergun
Story – Eddie Bush worked in the CIA for years. After a mission ended up getting his wife killed, he decided that he could trust no one. He killed half the members of the CIA, and got chased away by the other half. After many years of hiding, he eventually realized that one way or another, he was going to die. When he heard about the tournament, he decided that he had nothing to lose, so he decided to try and win the tournament.
Moves –
Sub-Machine Gun – Down, Right, W
Scattergun – Down, Left, E
The Boot – Right, Down, S
Reload – Left, Down, D
Strategy – Keep using your special attacks. They are the best things you have. Keep spamming them, and reload when you have to.

Valai Golgor
Type of Fighter - Tricky
Weapons of Choice – Electric Metal Rod and Electric Gun
Story – Valai’s past is a mystery. All we know is that he is not only human. He decided to join the tournament to win the prize money, and with it, run his own detective agency.
Moves –
Heavy Metal – Down, Right, W
Metal Shot – Down, Left, E
Pogo Bounce – Right, Down, S
Pulverizing Pounce (can only be used after using Pogo Bounce) – Left, Down, D
Strategy – Always keep your opponent guessing. Make sure they never know what move your going to use next.

Derrick Hogan
Type of Fighter – All-Around
Weapon of Choice – Boxing Gloves
Story – Derrick was born and raised in the Big Apple. He did a lot of street fighting when he was a teenager. He eventually became a boxer when he got older. Even though boxing payed well, and he was good at it, he never found it very fun. He then heard about the tournament, and decided that he wanted to try something new, and also try to win.
Moves –
Glass Uppercut – Left, W
Von Destruction – Down, E
Disco Flurry – Right, S
Bear Hugger – Down, D
Bear Slammer (must put this in while using Bear Hugger) – Down, W
Piston Uppercut – Right, E
Bear Hugger (fakeout) – Down, S
Great Spin – Left, D
Lunging Tiger – Right, W
Rose Flurry – Left, E
Head-butt – Left, S
Uppercut Pop – Down, Right, W
Bull Charge – Down, Left, E
Macho Punch – Left, Down, S
Dream Uppercuts – Right, Down, D
Banana Slamma – Right, D
Strategy  - Know all of your moves, and pull of massively long combos. Make sure you know what does what.

Rosie Boyle
Type of Fighter – All-Around
Weapon of Choice – Ninja Stars
This argumentative girl has deep-set gray eyes that are like two windows looking out on an overcast sky. Her fine, straight, black hair is neck-length and is worn in an uncomplicated, businesslike style. She has a muscular build. Her skin is dark. Her wardrobe is severe, with a lot of green. She was born and raised in Minnesota. But when she was 5 years old, her parents went missing, so she was adopted by Madam. Madam was the leader of a secret ninja clan up in the Himalayan Mountains. Rosie had been trained in the arts of ninjitsu. When she found out about the tournament, she wanted to go and try to win to find out what happened to her parents.
Moves –
Ninja Star – Down, Right, W
Fire Star – Down, Left, E
Ice Star – Right, Down, S
Thunder Star – Left, Down, D
Strategy – Keep the opponent guessing, while also staying at a distance. Make sure they never know what star your going to throw next.

Brutus Swavye
Type of Fighter – All-Around
Weapon of Choice – Tomy Gun
Story – Brutus was a part of the Mexican mafia. He dresses in a black and white pin striped suit. He’s having it to see who the toughest guy is, so that he can take out whoever is the strongest in secret.
Moves –
Chokeslam – Down, Right, W
Throat Jab – Down, Left, E
Tomy Gun – Right, Down, S
Reload – Left Down, D
Strategy – Know what to do, keep your opponent guessing, dominate them with power shots, pull off combos, or stay at a distance.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. My email is

Thank you for reading!