AuthorTopic: Gil's Blind Forays into the WORLD OF GAMES (and everything else)  (Read 3043 times)

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Ok, so I'm probably the most scatterbrained person you'll ever meet, but I also have the luck of having a brain that is able to learn most things to a certain degree. I spent my days making art, writing music, programming, doing random abstract math. All of these things I learned specifically because I've always been fascinated with all things games (my second job is instructing kids how to play competition volleyball, quite a cool game in its own right). When I cleaned up my old room back at my parent's house, I dragged out a big box of paper, I estimate about 4000 pages, with just random game ideas written down. I never ever finished a game. I'm that kind of guy :D. So yeah, if there's anything in this thread that you'd like to use for your own projects, just ask, I bet I'll just give it to you  (if you ask nicely :mean:). My hope is one day make a game. Or not.

Few odd bits to get started:

An art collective I started with some friends that is still kinda going on I guess (I keep postponing our meetings). Most of these are not mine, some are, and some are collabs.

I draw a LOT of stuff, but most of it isn't online (it'd take longer to scan or photograph what I'm doing than to actually do it I guess).

For some reason, I only draw bald male faces with no eyes. I've got a few sketchbooks worth of this shit:


Some game music I made (I'll need to get some more online, but that's all I dug up for now):

Making game music eventually made me get into instruments, and I'm in about 3 bands now, more or less. Here's the ones that released stuff:

Azzaro is my main band. I play harmonium, we make poppy songs, we've got a demo ready, but it's not online, because we need to sell some first. We tend to do about 1 live show every two months or so. The picture above is 6 out of the 8 musicians, it gets a bit crazy. (<-- CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES OF REAL GIL)

Lesbi&semen is my other band, we never rehearse as we are both lazy, but we did finish a song once while we were drunk in the afternoon:

Oh and sometimes I even sing (not well, but hey):


A Minecraft texture pack I never finished (I have about 6 of these in various states of disarray):

A Minecraft mod that I never seem to finish (but my friend and I worked on for like a few hundred hours):


So yeah, hard to show programming unless I finish something, which HAHAHAHA.

There's this thing:

And I'm working hard on that actually, it's just not stuff I can show yet.

So yeah, more stuff soon.
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