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While this forum has and always will be focused on the art of making the most out of technical restrictions, we've decided to open this forum to all art mediums; Low and high fidelity alike.  We suspect that a lot of threads will still focus on low-spec due to the specialties/skills of our user-base, but there are a lot of great creative works scattered throughout the forums in various threads and posts that we'd like to consolidate and embrace.

Low-Spec has been a fairly inactive forum, so we're hoping this move might spark more interest and activity.  At the same time this helps us clean up our forums a bit and make things easier to find.  "General & Creativity" is now simply "General Discussion", and any art threads from there will be brought here.

As usual, the purpose of this board is to receive critique and constructive feedback on your work.  It is not a place for self promotion or show and tell.

Good idea, I agree with it.

This change makes me feel a little nostalgic... I hope that in a few years Pixelation is the same niche art community that it is now I wouldn't want it to get too mainstream  :(

Hi Indigo, then I can, for example, upload my digital paintings too?  :y: :y: :y:


--- Quote from: aureotoshi on January 26, 2019, 10:20:35 am ---Hi Indigo, then I can, for example, upload my digital paintings too?  :y: :y: :y:

--- End quote ---
Yes, all mediums are accepted in the appropriate boards. :)


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