AuthorTopic: Seeking Experienced Animator for Pixel Art Animation Revisions  (Read 1503 times)

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I am currently animating sprites for an NES game, and would like to consider the possibility of hiring an experienced pixel animator to revise the animations. There is going to be a lot of animation work for the project, and I intend to do the majority of it, but I feel that the project could possibly benefit from the assistance of an experienced hand to finalize the graphics.

As I said, the project is for NES, so all of the graphics are low res and low color. You will need to be comfortable working with these restrictions.

I'll post a couple of my rough drafts. Please look at these and see if you could feel comfortable knowing what to do to improve them. Adding more colors isn't an option, but other than that, we can adjust frames, add frames, delete frames, pretty much anything. What I'm going for is a high frame rate for NES but a low frame rate for animation in general.

These are pretty rough, but I'm not sure how far I should go with them. I don't want to do redundant work doing revisions as an amateur if I'm going to hire someone else.

Please contact me with rates, and some sort of estimate of time to revise animations. It may be best to estimate time based on revising a frame, since number of frames varies greatly between animations. I have hired and paid someone from this board previously and I can provide a reference if necessary.