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Project/Game Info
Hello, my name is Daniel Cook.
I am a game designer for a new start up company, looking for an artist to work on my current project. The project is a 2D sprite based puzzle platformer, which will be targeted for release on XBox and PC in late fall this year.

The Criterion - PLEASE READ
This project is being put forward to a 3rd party funding body in mid February. Because the project could be rejected I can not guaranty the position at this point. However in order to apply for funding, all project costs must be agreed on. This is why I am advertising at this point and not later.

Another crucial criteria for applicants, is that they must be UK residents. This is due to one of the terms laid out the funding body. If you are not a UK resident then the body will not be able to cover any of your costs. If you need to know more about this please read the Eligible Costs Guidance section on this page:

If the project is approved for funding. Then a starting time for this position would be between June - July and would be targeted to run for 2 - 3 Months.

Job Details
I am looking for someone to take on the entire art production side of the game. This will include the following:
  • 6 environment backwall tilesets, which allow for a variety of combination. Environment themes (Testing Labs, Maintenance Area, Office Blocks, Server Rooms, Facility Head Offices, Facility Exterior / Forest) - Tile size: 64x64.
  • 10 - 15 unique prop for 5 of the environment.
  • 10 - 20 generic prop to be placed though the game.
  • Several characters, including: (Player, NPC, Enemies, 6 Unique Bosses).
  • Several VFX, including (Fire, Smoke, Smoke Plumes, Shock Waves, Water Splats).
  • UI & HUD elements.
  • Menu elements.
Animation - If sprite based animations are part of your skill range then please let me know. At this point I am happy for the project to use a 2D puppet based animation system. How ever if an artist with sprite animation skills is found and the extra costs can be covered, I would love to include this in the workload.

Payment will be for the whole project, not per hour. I am happy to pay for work on completion or by milestone. If a payment by milestone plan is more suitable for you then certain assurances will need to be put in place to ensure the project is completed in full.

As a guide of total payment I am currently looking at a total of 5,350. This is open to negotiation, but keep in mind that any cost for this project will need to be justified to the funding body.

If you meet the specified criteria and are interested in the position then please message me or reply to this post including a link to any work examples or a portfolio.

Thanks for reading.
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I wish I was UK resident.