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About me
Hello there! My name is Joyie i am 19 years old and i live in Amsterdam I'm a game developer and i also used to make software for the Windows platform.
I have written 3D games and 2D games however none of them released due the lack of artists and money investment.
I have been programming for over 7 years now and i thought this is the time to create a cool Profit making game for ios/android. (will also be available on desktop and even websites if i feel like it). I like honesty and someone who speaks proper English and wants to work.

Here im listing only my game projects i have written virusses , inventory management systems, alarms, Artificial inteligent programs with speech recognition like SIRI for IOS and many more programs.

Some of the game projects:
I have written a Pokemon online RPG Which got corrupted  :-[ after not saving it properly , i didnt had a back up :( You were able to walk and battle online with friends in a small map with custom pokemons only 2 pokemons though.

Skype: joyieechteld

What i need
Im in need of a pixel artist who is able to create isometric style 64x32 tiles and characters with animations.
I can pay a bit after the work but not to much.

Profit Shares
Any profit made by the project will be shared with the people working on it, as soon as u contribute ur getting a cut of the project. The amount will be discussed.
However if u contribute doesnt mean u are the actual owner. So keep that in mind. If u contribute u agree to these terms. Honesty is a big thing! Be honest with me and i will be with you. I love jokes and i love it when u feel free to do anything! So tell me if u do not agree with the shares.
The shares will also be invested into the company. At later stages if huge profit will be made. U will be getting a vast amount of money each month and if ur willing to move come to Amsterdam.

The company
The company i call "Swordedge" is a gaming company. Nothing much to tell for now.
  • The website will be up soon if im being encouraged by my partners.
  • Currenly in progress to be a Legal company registered in the Netherlands

The project [The World Above]
The World Above is all about making your own world. You first start off in a map with your main character and the energy source of your land in the middle of the map.
On the map random ores, farm fields, mines and woods. will spawn which u can cut down and mine or harvest.
With these resources you can build things such as a home, walls, weapons etc. (Similiar to age of empires)
Once you get a bit further in the game you can hire NPC's to mine, harvest and defend ur city however these cost resources overtime.
Also NPC's will spawn on the map which u can kill to level up at early stages.

The battle system is where its all about. Sending your troops to other players's map and destroy it for a % of their resources and weapons.

Now we get to a bit more detail this is very basic.

I was talking about an energy source which occur on the middle of the map this is linked to your city and character, if it dies you die. This is a very important piece of the game. If you destroy the opponents player's energy source or all of them they lose the battle. The energy source is also making new NPC's for you which u can hire for Gold and Food / Hour. If you dont pay them or give them food they will die. However this will be automatically calculated off ur income. Anything magical as monsters that u can spawn to protect ur city or attack someones else's city also come from the Energy source these will cost Gold and Matter.

You actually can see ur NPC's moving towards the woods for example and see them cut wood a second. once their full they will return to the energy source and it will be added too your inventory. If your cirty is getting really big and you dont want them to walk all the way to the energy source. No problem! in further stages of the game you can also create new energy sources which they can walk too.
They also need a home so u better create some sleeping space before you start creating NPC's

The buildings you create are also enter able. So you will actually be able to create ur home to how u like it. And enter it and for example add a couch or bed.

With the smart NPC-Rank system you will be able to assign a rank to a certain NPC for example.
-Wood cutter
-Gold miner
-Food harvester
-.... and more

if you have a large large army and u want too control your troops select which building to target first. Which troops defend certain buildings. This is no problem once u assign the troops to a commander the troops will automaticlaly follow the commander and protect him.
Got alot of commanders and u need something bigger? > assign the commanders to your the NPC you put as ur colonel , you will be able to add more collonels.
The commanders and troops will follow the collonel. and surround the building you target.

If you click on a enemy players commander or either one of the troops he commands. they will start attacking them first.
If you target nothing or they killed, destroyed the building they will move on their own and continue attacking the city.
The troops that survive gain experience and will deal more damage and have more defence everytime they survive a battle. (Up to 5 times)

If the commander dies or the colonel first. your troops will lose moral which makes them deal less dammage and have lower defence not by a huge amount.

The maps are HUGE  i tested some 1000x1000 maps and it works perfectly on a high end smartphone with alot of animations going on. My plan is to only render the animations and tiles which are near the position your looking at.

You will be able to control your Main character by clicking the "select main character" button on the right side of ur screen and make him attack buildings and troops or walk by clicking on a tile on the map.

You will be able to move the camera freely over the map or make it follow the main character.
The main character can also control troops and have its own personal army.
Monsters can also help you win the game as they are more powerfull but cost more.

The main character gains experience every time he kills an opponent players troop or monster.
You will be able to switch weapons and cast skills with the main character.

If your to lazy, No problem! no need to select everything when battling they will fight on their own if you do nothing. But this could make you lose the game.

I dont know what else i missed. I hope u can see what im trying to visualize here a real world which u are the king yet can play ur own character.
Something like clash of clans with more control over what ur doing and ofcourse your own character.

Game Updates
Here a list of what im currently working on (Orange = in progress, Red = not started, Green = finished) The list will be updated along the way.

-Character Walking
-NPC walking
-Collision detection
-Diffrent layer setup for drawing when moving behin certain objects

-NPC vs Player, Player vs Player
-Online village attacking
-Troops sending

-Building interface

Map loading is done with Tiled Map editor. No need to write this part in the engine.
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Hello there. I'm a Brazilian developer.
Currently i'm working in my personal project called TERRA.
I'm not sure weather my pixel art style matches with your game or not. So i'm leaving my personal web site (featuring my project) also my project featured on Steam  (not yet finished)

I hope you enjoy and give some feedback .

My personl website:

Steam :

Anyway. Sorry any english mistake. I'm not a native speaker xD

See ya.