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[profit share][pixel artist] Questica needs an artist!

on: December 04, 2015, 07:19:05 am
Hello there you handsome pixelers, you look rather dashing today. Just sit forward and tense up as I sensually describe to you the product of many of my late nights and deep thoughs,


As you may have cleverly deduced from my title, I am in desperate need of you, a brilliant pixel artist to arrange colored dots for my screen. But why-ever would you help me? Well that is the very question you are about to learn the answer to. Now, take a look at my chart and let's discover what exactly a "Questica" is:

  • Procedurally generated maps: Every good Questica will simply not allow players to play the same game twice. The maps will be in the style of Castle Crashers where it's a long strip of map for you to walk down, this will give players direction as well as make it way easier to generate. Along this strip there will be many biomes, cities, towns, and other things to explore. Caves also generate under the ground in levels going very deep in to the earth. Inside the caves and on the ground level dungeons will also be there for you and your friends to rummage around in.
  • Loads of weapons, armor, potions, ingredients, animals, and other things to find. We want the world to be full of life with something in every corner for you to use for survival if you know how. Everything is going to have a practical use for something in the game, and if you don't know what something does just ask around in the town nearby, someone's bound to know!
  • Online multiplayer: This is one of my main focuses lately. You can set up a server if you want to and allow your friends to join in for you all to go on a randomly generated adventure. Or, if you so desire, the person running the server can take full control over the world and it's inhabitants crafting a story/adventure in front of the players for them to go on. The generation tools will be there to help if you want to generate a dungeon in a certain area or place a small town in the middle of a forest. Everything will be completely editable as well!
  • Mod support: This is also another one of my main focuses. I want anyone who knows how to use MSPaint to be able to add what they want into the game. Anyone who knows how to code will just be able to go that many steps further. All of the assets for the game are stored in an internal folder with an image and a data file associated with them. If someone wants to add a new object to the game all they have to do is place an image file and a data file into a Mod folder in their user directory, put their object into the object map, and it will automatically load into the game! It will work on multiplayer as long as everyone is using that same mod folder.
  • Complex crafting: Most games these days have a pretty simple A+B=C method of crafting, and try to make that interesting by having thousands of different things to craft. We're going to try and make that more interesting by changing up the method of how crafting is done. For smithing metals you will have to melt down alloys, pick up the bar with clamps, carry it over to an anvil, and then hammer with the action key until the weapon is made. If the bar cools down too much you can reheat it back in the furnace. Based on how well you craft the swords and the temperatures you smith it at the stats for the sword will also be different.

I have had an artist working with me since the start on this game, but recently he's been getting swamped with work and other time consuming activities. We are going to need the help of another artist if we ever want to finish this game. It would be wonderful to find someone who can match the style we already have and can help out creating art for items, objects, and creatures.

I can tell by the fact that you're still reading this that you are interested! Go ahead and just shoot me an email at, reply to this thread, or add me on skype (gamecreator10000)! As the title suggests we are unable to pay anyone at the moment for their work, but we hope to start being profitable as soon as possible, and once that moment comes we will share it with you!

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic day  :lol:

EDIT: misspelled the email address, whoops. If you emailed me earlier just shoot me another one, sorry!
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