AuthorTopic: New at Pixel -> I could use some hints =)  (Read 5224 times)

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Re: New at Pixel -> I could use some hints =)

Reply #10 on: September 20, 2006, 12:08:32 am
this type of dithering has definately existed for almost as long as opaque media has.  all it is is using different sizes and densities of solid descriptive mark (as opposed to hatches or stippling)s to create transitions, no?

Wait, what are you saying? What you describe is a method of transition between a color and another, and there's a lot of shared space cross-medium here, yes, but 'dithering' is terminology only used for computer art (well we could also include stripling  :D) and I don't see the point of generic-ifying the concept of styledither to include transitions in non-digital (or even non-pixel art) artwork. What do we gain in understanding, by doing that?