AuthorTopic: [PixelArtNewbie] Need some good tutorials for helping me learn how to pixel art.  (Read 1904 times)

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So yeah as the title suggest i would like some links to some good tutorials for beginners. My google chrome is dumb apparently and when i search up "basic pixel art tutorials" it shows advanced tutorials. And whenever i think i found a good tutorial it is the same basic pixel art tutorial where it shows you how to set up Photoshop and draw something like a sun. Pretty much if you guys or gals could hook me up with some tutorials on how to draw basic characters, tile sets for platformers and basic backgrounds that be awesome! I know i could just find them on my own (which i am trying to do) but its hard for me to find good tutorials apparently. Alright well that's all thanks a lot if you help me out! ;D

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Have you ever checked out our Archive?

If you already know how to set up photoshop, the rest comes from your drawing skills and practice.
While there are a multitude of tutorials out there which focus on specific techniques, like tiling, AA or how to Dither, it's pretty hard to find good stuff which goes step by step over everything - because it's complex and there are tons of different styles.

But in our archive you can see threads from people of all skill levels, their problems, and how they solved problems according to their critique.

Is that what you are looking for or is it too advanced?
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