AuthorTopic: Web-Art, Logo, Vector related to video game pixel-art project [PAID]  (Read 2506 times)

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I would like to hire an artist to design web graphics related to a video game I am developing. I am willing to pay a rate of $35/hr and would like to negotiate an estimate for time to complete this proposed project. I would like to hire someone with experience designing for the web with examples of web graphics they have completed in the past.

I am currently developing a game for NES, intended for a full cartridge release. I am in the process of producing a website for the game and the associated publisher, which in this case is a small business I am starting.

What I am seeking assistance on is designing commercial art related to text, logos, and other general web decorations. I don't foresee this as pixel-art per-say, but I'm not opposed to the idea of incorporating that style into the web theme. In any case, I wanted to come here because I do want to find someone who is at least familiar with the thematic elements of the NES and low-res pixel art and video game marketing in addition to designing for the web.

First, I would like to hire someone to design a logo for my company. Something simple, in one or two colors. I wouldn't expect this would take too long, as I don't think I'll be that picky, as long as it works.

After that, I need help on doing graphics for my website. I want to hire someone with enough experience to be able to tell me where they're capable of creating content. I'm not an expert in web graphic design which is why I'd like to hire someone with experience. I can definitely note a few things, for example, places where I used text in graphics is really simple and looks unprofessional. That needs to be changed before the website gets launched. I need banner graphics for the main pages. Having a logo to use will help.

If someone contacts me about this work, I will share with you what I have on the website so far and discuss possible scope for the project. What ideas people have for the web project will be taken into consideration when choosing an artist, as well as time estimates. (costs)

Please PM me with examples of your work and if I like what I see I will send you what I have so far.

Thank you very much!