AuthorTopic: Pixel-artist with GML skills - looking for paid work.  (Read 1690 times)

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Pixel-artist with GML skills - looking for paid work.

on: October 18, 2015, 09:40:22 am
Hello everyone 0/
I am pixel-artist from Russian Federation. IRL my primary profession is being pianist/composer, but in internet I'm only working with pixels at the time. My skills are mostly focused on low-res PA, often NES-stylized. I can do both the static art and animations. You can contact me via both PM and e-mail -

Dat jaeeshneetza was designed as logo for some anon's recipe site.

Moorhuhns were designed for some guy's romhack.

As stated in the thread title, I have GML programming skills. That doesn't exactly means you can hire me as coder (but there may be exceptions), but you can keep in mind that I'll be almost always able to visualize logic of my graphics.

My GML skills also allow me to create pure code-drawn visuals. Eye itself is drawn by circle sectors, cube in the middle uses two virtual ellipses to places 8 points and connect 'em with lines. Plain cube method is my know-how, dunno if someone invented it before.

More artwork coming soon, may be. Sorry if I had English language mistakes.
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