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We are looking for a pixel artist who wants to join us in our cross-platform game project. You should have competent pixel art and general insight in the aspect of game developing and will be paid by the hour.

--- Who are we? ---
At this moment our team exists of one programmer, one storyteller and a lead designer. Two of us live in the Netherlands and can communicate in English. Our designer lives in America. Most of our communication goes through Skype and irc. We develop the game in our spare time, which varies from 8 to 24 hours a week.

---The game---
Our mobile app: Coromon(codename) is made with the Corona SDK and will be available for loads of devices! When we release the game it will be available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Steam and Mac AppStore users! Worldwide.
We are aiming to combine the monster collecting game genre with the adventure genre. Together with an awesome and intense lore (background-story), deep dungeons, hidden secrets. You won't get bored in the world of Coromon!
We really want to put effort into lore, graphics, user interface, battle intensity and adventure (puzzles/dungeons). Also we came up with some unique selling points to distinguish our game from others in the genre, like fusing monsters together.

--Current state of the game--
The engine is largely completed, so we got a working game. We just need to create our world. This is a task for the current designer. Here are some impressions:

--What will you be doing?--
Since this will be a monster-collecting game, we need monsters, which is your job, together with battle animations.
We are looking for 100+ monsters: back-sprite and front-sprite. Since we already have a design style in our game, the monsters should match with this style.

You will have a lot of freedom in designing the monsters, we do have a guideline for the type-combinations we want, but input on your side is welcome.
The guideline contains the combinations of elemental types(eg. fire, water, sand, ice, ghost) and fusion types (eg. flying, ooze, armor) which these monsters can have.
So for example there can be a monster with ice/armor or fire/flying or ice/flying. Most of the monsters exist within a monster-family(aka evolutions/upgraded versions) of max 3 evolutions.

In this image is an example of a battle, where you can see an example front and back sprite. The interface design is far from final.

Battle animations
This envelops all attack and defense moves in a battle. So beams, rays, rockets, barriers, you name it (the monster sprite itself does not have an animation). As of now, we do not have a complete list of monster-moves, so there is room for creativity here, we could make tweaks in the in-game implementation based on your animations/ideas! If preferred, we could deliver a complete list with moves, based on the monster designs.

Communication is very important for us. In your designs, you can come with your own ideas or discuss ours so we get the best results in the end.
Are you the one that can help us make this game become a big success? Or do you have any questions? Mail us at and maybe you could already show us some work you made.

Kind regards,

Team Coromon
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