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Newbie looking for advise!

on: October 02, 2015, 02:14:32 am
     Hello!! I am trying to create my own RPG game. I would also like to make a Dating simulator, but I am more focused on the RPG. I would really appreciate some help and advice from anyone! I am looking for it to be a lot like the game OFF. I have not played through the whole game yet, but it is a very beautiful visually game. I would like to know some tips to get started, and how to work RPG makers. I'm a little bad at programming!  I am also just a high school student, so I would prefer a free program. But if there are any that are cheap that's okay too! So, if anyone has tips on the following:
  • Animations, pixel art, drawing backgrounds...
  • How to use RPG makers
  • Ideas for plots, characters, ect.
  • Suggestions on how to start off.
  • Any other things i need to know!
     I would really appreciate it! Thank you for anyone who replies!
     Here are some of my ideas and characters so far:
  this is the character you play as, their name is Cheli. Cheil wakes up in a hospital after near death, and is asked to join "Astonomical". A gang that helps abused/runaway/homeless kids and adults get back up on their feet.
Moon is the leader of the gang and brought in Cheli after he found them hurt and brought them to the hospital. He loves Astronomy, this is where he gets his name. His 'gang' is based off Astronomy, and nicknames everyone by stars/consolations/planets.
This is Leo (left) and Alcor (right). They are two members of the gang. Leo is a school drop out and was one of the first members. She doesn't want to leave, and probably never will. Alcor is a 25 year old the refuse to grow up, and is still in a goth phase. There is another member who I have not drawn yet. Their name is Pollux. He was kicked out of his house by his parents. His is very scared, but tries his best to help others out. (This drawing s a bit old)
this is the map of the town (sort of)
There is an antagonist in the game, but I prefer not to say much about him. 
Thank you all very much for reading! I would love to hear from anyone!