AuthorTopic: How will you disguise Mr. Spy?  (Read 1320 times)

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How will you disguise Mr. Spy?

on: August 30, 2015, 10:06:09 pm
Hey guys! This is Chris Brown, creator of the game Nomera. In short, the project is about a spy tasked with investigating Russian numbers stations at the end of the cold war.

We've been looking for ways to reach out and get people involved with the project, so we thought we might get some input on a very special game mechanic. See, we plan for our hero, Mr. Spy:

to use a wide variety of disguises...

in an effort to stay unseen throughout the many places he'll have to travel!

  • Groucho glasses won't do much, but they'll provide a constant bonus to his ability to stay unnoticed.
  • Good luck staying hidden when dressed as a clown, but along with the shock factor, you'll find the light material and surprisingly springy shoes a boon to your running speed and jump height!
  • Why hide behind a tree when you can be a tree! While you'll be nearly invisible in wooded environments and the outdoors, the foliage will prove a bit heavy to get around in and you'll need a few seconds to pull yourself inside of the costume.
This is where you come in!

We want to know what YOU think Mr. Spy should use as a disguise, in a picture!
  • Want to try sketching out a good spy disguise? Send it our way!
  • Really liked your last years Halloween costume? Lets see a photo!
  • Want to take the next step and try a pixel art disguise? We want it! (use this template to help get Mr. Spy’s ample proportions correct.)
  • Just a picture of you in your pajamas? If you think they're good disguise pajamas, perfect!
We'll be updating our page every few days with the ones we like the best as our deadline approaches. When its all said and done, we'll incorporate your top submitted disguises into the game!

The submission period ends after September 23, 2015
Send your photos to:
Please nothing NSFW! Intentionally inappropriate submissions only make it less fun :/

Thanks for reading and lets see some outfits!