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Src:Card - "no-spec"

on: September 24, 2015, 04:56:10 pm
Definitely pushing the the lowspec art boundaries here.  Jacob and I (Sam - yellowoats) have spent a few months coming up with an offline programming game.  Spent heaps of time reading articles about the semantics of scientific communication and similar stuff (Moody, Daniel L., The “Physics” of Notation is an amazing paper that analyizes what works and doesn't work in user interface design - you can essential skip two years at university by reading it - read it if you develop any type of UI!).  Basically we developed a programming structure outside of a computer (Card Game).  Jacob put together some lofi - but by no means low-spec artwork for the boxart and card backs.  We think it turned out pretty good.  My questions is this (apart from the Kickstarter plug), do you think no-spec qualifies as low-spec?  It is design with restrictions - very real restrictions - but the aesthetic can be different.  That said, in this case the aesthetic of the project actually pretty closely represents low-spec ui design (monochromatic, simple shapes, responsive in a manner, etc.).

What'd you think....

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Re: Src:Card - "no-spec"

Reply #1 on: September 24, 2015, 09:19:25 pm
The image you posted just looks like simple shading. Not lowspec.
I'm curious about the cards though. Could you post some of them here?

I think this sounds pretty interesting! I added the kickstarter as a reminder, if I'm not totally broke next month I might support it! :)

I'm not sure if I'd ever play this in 'meat space' though..
You should look into Tabletop Simulator, it's really simple to add custom cards and I think they're looking for games to sell as DLC.

Edit: Looking at the kickstarter, there isn't much high res art and the product images are very tiny, I think potential backers would appreciate seeing the cards and box in more detail.
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