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Fassous 2d gameassets provider

on: July 21, 2015, 09:23:06 pm
Hello devmates,

My name is Fassous ,I'm a Moroccan game maker and assets provider (mainly 2dgameGFX packs)
I suggest you to have a glimpse on my profile on Game dev market or Creative Market to get a clear idea of the kind of art i do provide,
Gamdevmarket link:
Down here is the last Gamepack i did create, Nes lovers'll be pleased with these gameassets that've been added to the store today, check it out under this URL:

Have a good day

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Re: Fassous 2d gameassets provider

Reply #1 on: July 25, 2015, 08:26:11 am
Hello, Fassous, and welcome. Good luck with that assets provider activity

Artistic-wise, there are plenty of nice things (the castle, for instance), but plenty other things could use improvement. My major concern would be the lack of unity in the scale and light source:

- barrels size compared to characters (barrels could be at least as large as your shield)
- doors size compared to characters
- right-lit stone (grave?) vs. left-lit tree (with exaggerated highlights for such a distant foliage).
- front-view castle vs. 3/4 view on the other building (farm?)

You could have a more interesting castle if you broke from that square-ish silouhetto. You gave it a nice texture, but little to define its overall shape.

There's something imho quite wrong with your bird. I cannot name it yet, but I think its shape isn't properly defined, and that the colors you picked merge together into a single blob with an outline.  Have you used a reference, for that one ?
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