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Re: 32px orc

Reply #10 on: June 08, 2015, 03:20:19 am
what about the orc in his own right standing solo do u think he's improved now or u think ive gone too far?
i tried to find a balance between wolfie's edit and the original.

seeing him in that mockup is pretty scary to look at in terms of consistency  :o
perhaps need to adjust him back to be more cartoony.

its unlikely to find an orc in that particular environment but still i am pretty worried about several kinds of consistency issues tbh including scale.
i wanna make some cheeky goblins too and have no idea how i'm going to squeeze them into a 16px high bounding box  :mean:
whenever i actually get TIME to work on this properly (i.e. finish studies) i'll just try to punch out a bunch of rough and dirty assets then come back and do another pass over everything to make it fit together.
its possible i'll have to cave and make the hero sprite another half a tile high (so 24px bounding box) but i'd rather not.

Ironically I'm studying a unit literally called "Manage personal work priorities" right now so I should probably get back to it  :lol: