AuthorTopic: (UNPAID) Minimalist Pixel Artist(s) Needed!  (Read 869 times)

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(UNPAID) Minimalist Pixel Artist(s) Needed!

on: May 21, 2015, 08:41:56 pm
I'm finishing up a term project for my Computer Science class, which is going to be a pixelized dual-stick shooter. I personally am horrible at art, but would love if someone would be willing to help me out from the kindness of their heart  ;D .
I do NOT require any animation, just a simple design of some basic sprites for my game.
Style wise, I'd like to go for a mix for Mega Man X & Mega Man Zero type characters, with an art style similar to common minimalist chibi art, no bigger than 32x32.

If you are interested or may be able to help, please PM or email me! Thank you VERY much for your time!

EDIT: Forgot to mention,
The main reason I want actual good art is I intend to work on this project even after I have it graded for my class. Heck, if everything goes well then, I may even consider going commercial.
And then of course, you would receive a percentage of the profit as well. But it is NOT guaranteed I will be able to make it commercial, please be aware of this.
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