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Thank you everyone for all of your e-mails for now we have selected our artist so the offer is closed now

Hello everyone, my name is Enrique I'm the lead developer of a small studio with our first commercial game just about to be released on Steam.

So now we started working on our second game, the name (TBD) Vanaheim Tales, will be a retro RPG in the style of FF6/3, Our spriter just leave the team for personal reasons so now we are looking for a pixel artist to make pretty much all art for the game, from Tilesets for maps to Characters, portraits, Items, etc...

Since I don't want any of you to waste your time I will be really straightforward with you guys, the job is to join the team, the way to get payed is by revenue share, so if you expect a salary we are unable to do so, not because you don't deserve it just because we are starting up.

However we can make an agreed payment (If you don't want to join the team and revenue share doesn't attract you) if you are willing to wait until we get our first payment from Valve. (Around July).

The job is to start right now, because we were already in development of this game but as i told you our artist leave the team for personal matters.

If you are interested and need more info please send an e-mail to my personal e-mail.

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