AuthorTopic: [PAID] Spriters/Animators Needed for Free-Roam Hack and Slash RPG  (Read 4126 times)

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Hello! We are 3rd Wall Studios, an indie team working on Vanity, a multiplayer free-roam Hack and Slash RPG for the PC featuring an isometric viewpoint, after a previously successful crowdfunding campaign. We have a dedicated core team of animators/illustrators/concept artists as well as programmers; however, it is a daunting task for a small independent team to work on a large-scale game.


We will be paying by bounty, meaning you will be given a chunk of work as a task with a set price upon completion. An example of a task would be to do the idle/moving/attack/hurt animations for an enemy sprite. There will be higher pay for larger/more complex tasks.

Bounties are calculated based on your hourly rate times the approximate time in hours it will take to complete the job. (For example: if your hourly rate is $15 USD and it will take you 3 hours to complete a task, you will be paid $45 USD once you complete the task)


We need dedicated pixel artists/animators who are able to get assigned work done in a timely manner and follow basic directions.

- Knowledge of pixel art.
- Knowledge of color theory.
- Ability to visualize and draw 3D forms.
- Ability to imitate the style of the game.

- Knowledge of real-life human and animal anatomy.
- Knowledge of animation principles.

== TASKS ==

As a pixel artist on our team, you will be tasked with one or more of the following, depending on your skillset.

a. pixeling outfits for the player character
b. pixeling/animating monsters for the enemies/bosses
c. creating tilesets and such for the platforms/foreground scenery/buildings
d. animating effects from attacks (melee, magic, etc.)

Some tasks will allow for artistic freedom, while others will require you to replicate a drawn concept as closely as possible and/or use a predetermined color palette.


SIZE: The screen resolution will be 1280x720px. The length/width of all sprites must be in powers of 2 (e.g. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32...). Map tiles will be 32x16. Foreground scenery/props will be around the same size. The player character fits within 64x128. Enemies will generally be within 32x64 or 64x64. Bosses/minibosses may potentially be much larger than that, depending on the boss; same for building sprites.

STYLE: Style-wise, we're aiming to imitate Eastern/anime styles. For examples, see the art styles of: Bermuda Triangle (from Cardfight Vanguard), Kantai Collection, Kenkou Cross (Japanese artist), Pokemon. For animated effects, see the Fire Emblem 7/8 battle animations.

TECHNIQUE: We will be using selective outlining with some manual anti-aliasing. Pokemon, Kirby, and the Marvel vs Capcom arcade game do this. An ideal example of an artist we like is michafrar (the person who animates the JonTron titlecards).


If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, please contact (do NOT PM me) with a portfolio/samples of your work, your rates plus an approximation of the time it takes to do one 64x64 sprite, and any past experience, if any.

If hired, we will keep in contact with HipChat, which is like a cross between IRC and Skype.
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Once you send an email, post on this thread to let us know
Sent you an email.

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Emailed :)
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Just sent you guys an email. Thanks for the opportunity.

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I have also sent an email.

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I also sent an e-mail =)

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sent an email